From the mailbag… college coming up… need child support to help pay for it…

From the mailbag… college coming up… need child support to help pay for it…


Good afternoon,

My daughter reaches 18 in December….wow, I can’t believe this time has come. To keep the peace in her life I have not enforced the court ordered child support that was created in 1998 for her. He used to pay, on time, every week…until 2008. My court order is out of Oregon. Oregon child support enforcement used to “enforce” my case.

However, since 2008 I have received $1,500. He was ordered to pay $92 a week. So here we are about to embark on college and although I got married almost 2 years ago; I don’t think it’s fair to burden my new husband with this expense and why should her father get off without having to pay anything? My calculations would be that he is $35,704.00 behind. He also has another child, only 9 years old from another woman. I don’t think he supports the other child either.

What info do you need from me? I don’t know much information on him though I can tell you our names and the court it was all done in.




Hi Amy,

In order to open a file, there is some basic info we would need on the non-custodial parent. If you can get that info, we may be able to find what we need to collect. We do need the social security number and date of birth to open the case along with the court order and payment history from the state if payment were to be sent to them or your records so we can tie to what you are saying is owed in unpaid support. The other potential issue may be that he has a child under the age of 18 yrs and support generally goes to the minor child before a child over the age of 18 yrs if the state case is open and active.

Please call me if you would like to discuss the case. I’d be happy to chat with you.

Toni Olson
Client Care Director