Question from a custodial parent… will they find out I hired you?

Question from a custodial parent… will they find out I hired you?


Will the NCP find out that I have solicited your help in pursuing this? Does your agency have policy which states it’s been retained for the purpose of collecting or something of that wording?


Hi Amy,

Thank you for the questions. Private agencies work separately from the state and we do have guidelines for accepting cases that we follow in accordance with the state the order for support is from. The non-custodial parent is approached in a professional manner, he would be aware that we are trying to enforce the court order and the investigators do try to educate the non-custodial parent on the legal issues associated with not complying with the order. We do not enforce, we look for income and assets to collect from and would also try to establish a payment plan if the NCP works for cash. The NCP will know that we are trying to collect the support, in many cases the NCP knows that the custodial parent is the key mover on the case since the support is due to them.

The agreement for service that you would sign if you choose to use a private agency would outline the contractual agreement between the 2 parties working together to collect the support due.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, we are here to help! Please feel free to call me as well.