“When is it too late to collect my child support” ?

“When is it too late to collect my child support” ?

a question from the “mail bag”…

I have had a child support order through the courts of CA. This court order is at least 23 years old and I have only received a little over $200 dollars in child support in all that time… the kids are grown now but he never paid his child support payments, I see all the time pictures of his motorcycles and have been told that he has been working jobs under the table and putting everything he owns in his family members names. Is there any way to enforce the support order? Or is it too late?

Any help in telling me how to collect my child support would be greatly appreciated!




Hi Marcia…

Thanks for the email. Your situation is not an uncommon one for us to work. We work situation like yours with success when our investigators are able to maintain communication with the “NCP” (non custodial parent) and work on maintaining a payment arrangement. The difficulty that I am seeing in the case is that he works under the table and assets are listed in other’s names. This would make it very difficult to garnish or establish a lien on property. Every case like yours has a similar theme but the facts and outcome are different. It is worth to see what can be done to collect; you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. If you have his social security number and date of birth, copies of all judge signed court orders and the payment history, we would be happen to see what we can do to help.

Please call us if you have any questions on getting started and thank you for considering Support Collectors to help with your child support collection matter.