Things Parents Take For Granted Until You’re A Single Parent

Things Parents Take For Granted Until You’re A Single Parent

No matter if you have been a single parent for years or are new to this life style, there are somethings have you have probably started to let slide. The key is to survive and embrace the family… quirks and all. Below are some highlights shared by our clients:

Family Dinners: Means making sure everyone has something to eat, and may not include sitting around a Beaver Cleaver dinner table.

Volunteering: No more Class Parent duty, many single parents owed child support are working to keep a roof over their heads. It’s tough just to make school productions and recitals!

Grooming: Holes in your kids jeans are not a fashion statement but a statement on your life. Manicures and pedicures are things of the past and the “highlights” in our hair are gray hairs, not deliberately placed at all, caused by stress!

Showing up on time: Forget the idea of being just 10 minutes late, you’re lucky if you can get there within the hour or get there at all!

Paying Bills: Don’t bills just pay themselves? Every month somehow you squeak by, as long as nothing breaks. It the expenses – income works out, you might have a jump on the next month

Things that you cannot do without: The hug and kiss of a child, the satisfaction that you have done your best, the time you spend listening to your child, teaching your child to be strong and independent… and as the Bee Gees say, “Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive”!