The Fastest Way to Find Your NCP

The Fastest Way to Find Your NCP

Unless you’re Sandra Bullock or Black Chyna — two single mothers worth millions of dollars — raising a family on your own is difficult. The time, cost, and responsibilities involved are overwhelming for even the most adjusted individual. It’s even worse when the custodial parent is financially dependant on the non-custodial parent. When they disappear and withdraw their funds, making ends meet becomes a permanent struggle.

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This is why the government employs child support enforcement officers to ensure single parents receive the money they’re owed. Thanks to Trump’s budget cuts, funding is tight and these offices don’t always have enough time, people, or resources to dedicate to your case. Needing more attention than they can give it, your case can go unsolved with your NCP refusing to pay and accruing mountains of back child support.
In these situations, a private child support enforcement agency is a helpful addition to your hard-to-crack case. Though they charge a small fee for their assistance, they often provide faster, more reliable results than your state’s public office. When you connect with Support Collectors, a team of professionals recognized by the Child Support Enforcement Council, you’ll be working with an organization with a long, successful track record of finding hard-to-locate NCPs.

The child support collection services at Support Collectors also include negotiation experts that can convince your NCP to make their back due payments once found. In case you ex can’t be swayed, the enforcement specialists at Support Collects have a variety of involuntary remedies that include garnishing wages and placing liens on assets. In particularly difficult cases, they can also appeal to the courts to pursue enforcement methods only available to attorneys
Regardless of whom you contact for help, it’s important to ensure your agency is:

1. Straightforward: This requires that the agency is open especially in its contract terms. It is, therefore, important that you go and analyze their contract before signing them. Some of the agencies tend to have hidden requirements that might cost more than expected.

2. Honest: A typical and a genuine agency will not have an initial cost. They will mostly focus on getting your funds before asking for their service fee. This will ensure that they are genuine to the last point and they will not fade away once they have been paid the initial cost.

3. Licensed and Bonded: They must operate legally, and their existence is known by the law. This will ensure that the process does not backfire on you, and your records are safeguarded and have not chance of being misused.

Keep to this list as you review the help available in your state. Together, you and your chosen enforcement agency can finally track down your absent NCP, ensuring your family gets the financial support that you need. It may not be the multi-million dollar empires of Hollywood’s elite, but it will be enough to support your kids.