Struggling single mom finally collects her unpaid child support

Struggling single mom finally collects her unpaid child support

Support Collectors adds another success story for a well deserved mom owed child support

November 1, 2010 (Minneapolis, MN) – After being unemployed for 6 months, Lana C’s savings had been “completely drained” from supporting her two sons through high school. The California mom was “destitute” when she finally decided to take action to collect her unpaid child support. Lana was owed over $46,000 in unpaid child support with nowhere to turn. Her child support enforcement agency had already given up on her and closed her case. Refusing to give up, she spoke with several attorneys but they wanted a huge retainer to help her collect her child support. Despair began to sink in and for the first time Lana felt like there was no hope.

Fortunately, Lana’s fiancé convinced her that they should research whether there were other options available to get her child support. He found and encouraged Lana to complete the application. Her first impression was that “it sounded too good to be true, but I thought I have nothing to lose by trying.” She completed the application and returned it to Support Collectors’ office. Once received, Support Collector’s team got started immediately. Using their network of nationwide attorneys, Support Collectors found an experienced California child support lawyer who was a good fit for Lana’s case. The child support collection attorney was able to secure a lump sum for Lana, who was “thrilled with the settlement that he was able to negotiate”. Support Collectors is quick to point out that they are not able to achieve lump sum settlements for everyone, but they are always looking for a way to achieve similar results through personally customized enforcement remedies. As to the feeling of success, Lana explained “not only was it monetarily satisfying but it also gave me the vindication that I was looking for.” Congratulations to Lana for her perseverance!

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Summit A*R, Inc. DBA Support Collectors is a private child support enforcement agency that assist parents owed child support. Originally started in 1993 by a single mother who experienced first-hand the frustration of trying to collect her child support, Support Collectors offers an alternative to the overburdened government child support offices. Support Collectors never charges any fee unless they successfully collect. Learn more about Support Collectors’ child support enforcement services.