Sole Physical Custody

Sole Physical Custody

In many cases, one parent having sole custody of the children involved in a custody dispute is in the best interest of the child. Many of our clients ask for tips on how to should the courts that they deserve sole custody and that it is needed. Do you deserve sole custody? In many cases you do but the courts watch for parents who are unwilling to allow the child to have a relationship with the other parent, There is a difference between proving your deserve sole custody and seeking sole custody as a way to get back at the other parent:

-prepare of court and have all your proof in an easy to read format. The judge will not take your word that the other parent is unfit, this needs to be documented.

-prove to the court that you are the only care provider. Have copies of school records filled out by you, medical records and all the actives that you and the child have done together. Ticket stubs, pictures and receipts will speak volumes to the judge!

-if the absent parent as had issues with the police, bring records

-keep a log of all the interaction the absent parent has had with the child. More importantly, make sure you document the times the absent parent was to come and visit to take the child and was a no show. The courts may see this as abandonment and this will help your case for sole custody.

Child support payments

Typically a temporary order will be issued and payments made be ordered to be made directly to you. Track them so that you can show if payments are behind.

-be sure to answer all questions honestly. Lying may cost you sole custody and you could end up paying support and having visitation!

The courts are there to try and determine what is best for the child. They really don’t care about how the other party treated you, they only care about how the child is treated.