District of Columbia Child Support Enforcement Resource Center

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District of Columbia Child Support Enforcement Resource Center

Even if the non-custodial parent lives outside the state of the District of Columbia, the law requires cooperation between states. The non-custodial parent is legally required to make regular child support payments, regardless of where they live.

District of Columbia Support Enforcement Measures

If a non-custodial parent does not pay child support, he or she is subject to enforcement measures in accordance with Federal and District of Columbia child support law to collect regular and past-due payments.

  • Suspension of driver licenses as well as others such as hunting and fishing licenses, occupational and professional licenses.
  • Tax Refund Intercepts
  • Requiring employers to deduct child support from noncustodial parents’ wages (Collecting support through income deduction)
  • Withholding of Unemployment Compensation for child support purposes
  • Placing liens against assets
  • Reporting the child support debt to credit reporting agencies, which can adversely affect the noncustodial parent’s credit rating
  • Denial of passports to any non-custodial parent who does not pay their child support

Who Can Enforce Court Ordered Child Support in Washington D.C.?

The Child Support Services Division is the state-run child support enforcement office for Washington D.C. The Office of the Attorney General is required by federal law to provide services through the Child Support Services Division (CSSD) and is funded by the federal government and Washington D.C.

Interest on Missed Child Support Payments

Washington D.C. makes no provisions for interest charges on missed payments, retroactive support, or adjudicated arrears.

Washington D.C. Statute of Limitations on Back Child Support Payments (Arrears)

The statute of limitations in Washington D.C. is 12 years after the age of majority.

Washington D.C. Statute of Limitations for Determination of Paternity

The statute of limitations in Delaware for establishment of paternity is the child’s 21st birthday.

Age of Emancipation / Age of Majority in Washington D.C.

Age 21, or at the point the minor is self supporting through marriage, employment or military service.

Support obligation may be extended past the age of majority if a child is disabled or has special needs.

How Are Child Support Payment Amounts Determined in Washington D.C.?

In Washington D.C. the amount of support payments is determined by the District of Columbia Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines were revised effective April 1, 2007 and the CSSD has an online child support calculator to provide an estimate of support.

Custody and Visitation Issues

Child support and visitation rights are separate issues. The court determines both and will usually order the non-custodial parent to pay support and the custodial parent to make the child available for visits.

The custodial parent must obey the court order for visitation, even if the non-custodial parent cannot or will not pay child support. The court can enforce any of its orders against either parent.