Why You Should Work With A Reputable And Efficient Child Support Enforcement Agency

Why You Should Work With A Reputable And Efficient Child Support Enforcement Agency

Parents should be equal partners in the care of their child or children. According to About.com, approximately 13.7 million single parents have custody of about 21.8 million children under the age of 21. However, too many parents are neglecting their responsibility as far as financial support is concerned. A single parent should be able to depend on the non-custodial parent to help provide the finances needed to care for the child. Many single parents even live in poverty because the absent parent chose to renege on his /her obligation. In cases such as these, getting legal help to pursue the courts for court ordered support can be a very frustrating and long road.

Going through government agencies involves applying and paying a fee, except for those that are under welfare. The custodial parent must know the absent parent’s location, social security number and date of birth. The next process is to establish paternity. If the parent is absent and you do not have knowledge of their location, it cannot be established. However, if it is established the next step is to file a support order ending with the setup of the payment. If the parent does not comply with the court order, then enforcement action takes place in the court. As previously mentioned, there are consequences when a parent does not comply. This can be a very long process, not to mention, the possibility of not being able to locate the absent parent to collect support payments.

Government agencies that are dedicated to child support are overloaded with cases, with some states having upwards of 353,000 open cases. When a single parent who has an open case tries to place a call to their social worker, they may only get an 800 number to leave a message. This lack of communication can cause the case worker to close a case without the parent knowing. Imagine the case load put on one worker. For this reason, the outcome is a shortage of resources. Despite this, there is hope for single parents.

As previously seen, the chance of finding the absent parent and/or collecting support payments for you seems impossible. For this reason, an independent agency team such as ours at Support Collectors is your best solution for fast results. Our child support enforcement agency promises to help you get the support that is required by the State. Our agency will pursue the absent parent and, if need be, get a court order to issue a wage garnishment, driver’s license suspension notice, and/or jail time if the parent does not keep their financial obligation. Our organization will also find the absent parent and establish paternity if needed.

Our child support collection agency has the authority, power and experience to collect support payments for the custodial parent, and you can visit our homepage at http://supportcollect.wpenginepowered.com for more information anytime. The benefit of using an agency such as ours is the one-on-one treatment we provide in regards to your case. We will keep you informed throughout the process from start to finish. Once we determine if you are eligible to be our client, we can get started right away fighting for you and your kids. You are not doing anything wrong by pursuing what is rightfully yours, so call us today and let’s get started or read more about why we are the best choice at https://www.supportcollectors.com/history-of-collecting-child-support/ and get the collection process started right away!