International Child Support Enforcement Success Story

International Child Support Enforcement Success Story

December 11, 2010 – Meet Tim L., a father who was awarded custody of his four-year-old daughter by a California court in 2004. Tim explained that the mother had abandoned the child at the age of three, and after the court order she “chose to play very little role in the child’s life, either from an emotional involvement perspective or from a financial perspective, despite being ordered to pay child support.”

Tim and his daughter later had an opportunity to relocate to another country, and they did move after receiving the full written consent of the non-custodial mother. Unfortunately, after the move the non-custodial mother stopped paying child support altogether. Tim contacted the California Department of Child Support Services for assistance, but had only limited success which soon ended.

Tim realized he had to find another solution and began researching his options. “Due to frustration with the mother for refusing to contribute in any positive manner as well as frustration at the ‘system’ which refused to help us, I turned to Support Collectors.”

Even though Tim’s case was much different due to its international complications, Support Collectors wasted no time getting started. Tim was impressed that Support Collectors’ team was “fantastic at asking the right questions and reassuring me that there was a solution to the problem here.” Support Collectors’ investigators located the non-paying mother’s employer and, using a California child support lawyer from its nationwide attorney network, garnished her wages to secure payments on the large balance of child support owed.

Tim was extremely impressed and thankful for his daughter’s sake. “I could not have done this without Support Collectors and would recommend anyone to entrust them with their case. If they can make this work for someone living on the other side of the world then they can certainly help you!”

Tim’s case illustrates the growing trend of custodial fathers facing difficulty trying to get their child support orders enforced. Support Collectors’ proven system of designing custom child support enforcement solutions helps fathers and mothers collect the child support they’re owed nationwide, and sometimes even internationally!