Question on how we are paid and how long we are involved in the child support process…

Question on how we are paid and how long we are involved in the child support process…



I have some questions about your child support collection process. I am currently owed $15k+ in support arrears and haven’t received a child support payment in over a year and a half. Does your company collect on just the arrearage or also the monthly payments? Also, do you keep collecting after you collect the first payment? How does it work if I currently have a case with FL Department of Revenue? If they intercept the payment (not your company) would I still be charged a fee from you?

Thanks for your help!



Hi Amy,

Thank you for the questions! Private agencies look for income and assets to potentially collect from. If we find the info we need we would update our information with the state and payments would process to the state, then to us and then to you. We only update the state with our information if payments are likely. Your account with the state will not be closed, it will remain open and all payments recorded there. We work to get the support coming in and would be involved with your case through the agreement for service and what owed in support at that time, in your case that would be the $15K you state is owed. Our fee is 30% of what is collected. If we are able to collect the contract amount and you want to continue with the program that can be arranged. If you would prefer to end the agreement upon completion of the agreement/contract amount we can certainly do that too. Many of our clients do stay on with us since they appreciate the work done on the case and know that we are working to continue payments for them!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to chat with you as well if you have any other questions.


Team Support Collectors