from the mailbag… can we help collect nonreimbursed insurance expenses?

from the mailbag… can we help collect nonreimbursed insurance expenses?


Hi my ex-husband was ordered by a superior court judge during our divorce to pay me child support. The judge gave me custody of our son at that time. He gave him visitation rights and I make sure he was ready when he came to pick him up and I was waiting outside when he returned him. I obeyed the judge’s orders and it has been twenty years. I paid 100 percent of all the insurances and they were deducted from my paychecks. He did not pay any insurances at all.
I have tried to collect my arrears but have not been able to. This was in Georgia. The divorce was in Georgia. He still lives and works in Georgia but he is originally from Louisiana but moved to Georgia and has stayed there. My son is now grown and he attended college there after high school but it was one year after he graduated from high school but he did attend college in Georgia also. I now live in California. I am trying to find out if I can still collect my child support arrears. I saw this ad you have online and I thought I would email you to ask. I have the divorce decree number, the judge’s name and some information you may need. If you can take my case, how much will you charge me?

Thanks, Gabby, California USA

Our Answer:

Hi Gabby,

I appreciate your email and hope I can provide some info for you. I do need to clarify what you are trying to collect, is it just the insurance costs? Was there a monthly support amount ordered and was it paid in full?

If it is the insurance, we would not be able to collect at this time. While the insurance coverage was ordered by the courts, you would need to have the courts reduce the amount owed to a judgement. If there is unpaid child support, we can discuss the possibility of getting started immediately to collect the child support arrears.

Please provide a number to call you at or feel free to call me next week to discuss your case. We can go discuss the options at that time.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Team Support Collectors!