Get The Child Support Collection Help You Have Been Looking For

Get The Child Support Collection Help You Have Been Looking For

The subject of child support collection has been an aggravation for many parents for many years. Custodial parents from all across the nation have faced seemingly impossible situations for getting the child support payments they deserve and need. According to a U.S. Census report, approximately 25% of custodial parents did not receive support child parents between 1993 and 2011. There are agencies today that can help with this problem. An agency adds an air of power and authority to the situation, which custodial parents cannot generate on their own. We use our legal knowledge to turn up the heat on those who would skip out on their payments.

We have a well-trained staff of dedicated professionals here at Support Collectors. No fees will be charged unless we get you the money first. One fact that a lot of custodial parents are unaware of is that even if your child is past the age of 18, if money is still owed, we can still collect it for you. In most states there is no statute of limitations on these matters. Even if you have had your case ‘closed’ by some government agency, you still have a good chance of collecting the money you deserve. Stop by to read more about our specialty services and to get more information about the process in general.

In each of these cases, a collection specialist is assigned to support you. You are connected to one of our client service representatives, who will act as your personal contact in all child support matters. Using an agency will prove to be one of the best decisions you have made. We understand what it takes for our collection specialists to properly perform their duties. We ensure that their case loads are low enough so they can give each case the time and attention it deserves.

You will find an agency like us to be a wonderfully powerful collection tool. We can reach across state lines for you to deal with any jurisdiction necessary to move your case along. We have all the tools needed to get the job done, like withholding bank accounts, asset attachment, contempt of court actions, and foreclosures. Using the law to enforce the law means that you will get the money that is legally and rightfully owed to you. When choosing the agency you want to work with, do a little research. You want to know about their track record in these types of matters. Choose one that has a history of success like us. The good ones may speak softly, but they carry the full weight of the law behind them.

Many custodial parents believe they have to go through a government office for their child support collection. This is not true at all. While you probably have to have your support routed through a government office, you are still free to hire any private company you desire whenever you want. There is just one exception to this, and that is, if you are on some form of public assistance at this time. Never let anyone tell you that you can never increase your child support payments. In most states, should a change in income for one or both parents affect the amount by over 10%, then that support order qualifies to be modified. This modification is available to you until the child/children reach the age of 18. We have you covered and look out for you every step of the way, so get in contact with our team at Support Collectors today by simply clicking on