Don’t Give Up On Child Support Collection

Don’t Give Up On Child Support Collection

Many single parents are constantly faced with a lot of financial burden in bringing up their children. Although most of these parents have the right to receive child support from the child’s other parent, at times, that parent may fail to pay up in time or dismiss the child support altogether. In a recent article in the Yale University Press, it was noted that “more than half the men in America who have been told by a judge to pay child support disobey the order, forcing millions of mothers and children to live in poverty.” Although the government agencies promise to assist single parents in collecting child support, they are barely ever effective or efficient enough. It’s for this reason that single parents need the help of a child support collection agency, such as ours, that is better equipped in handling such cases.

Our team here at Support Collectors is knowledgeable in the various laws governing different states. For example, you can stop by our Texas resource page for information about child support collection in Texas, or you can look for content about collecting in California. Our agents work as professional middle-persons between the parent in need and the parent who should be paying the support. As such, if the payments aren’t being made on time, or are being postponed and becoming long over-due, then the solution would be to hire our services. There are many benefits associated with working with our child support collection agents rather than opting to seek the help of lawyers or government agents for help.

The government agencies often lack sufficient resources to help a parent in need. This is because they may be bogged down in terms of the number of child support cases they have to deal with, hence limiting them to give only minimum attention to every case. But, with an independent collection agency such as ours, each case is given the full attention it deserves, ensuring that every individual gets the rightful amount of support they need. There is hence a more personal connection between our agent and the single parent involved. This is important because it gives the parent the assurance that their interests are being prioritized and addressed accordingly.

Also, many child support related cases end up bringing in some sort of enmity between the two parents of the child. Our independent child support collectors at Support Collectors are guided by very strong ethics that makes it necessary to ensure that, no matter how complex the case at hand is, at the end of the day, the two parties involved continue to be civil with each other so as to not impact on the child negatively.

In addition, our child support collection agents help in enabling the custodial parents find the other parent in the case that they are unaware of where they currently reside. Our agents also help in sorting out any disagreements in regards to the parentage, as well as help decide on what is the most appropriate child maintenance fee, come up with objective and clear ways of making the payments, make adjustments in case of circumstantial changes, such as unemployment or promotion, and finally, we help determine the most appropriate action to be taken if the payments are defaulted. To get started, all you need to do is answer a few questions that may include if you already have a court order for the payment of child support, how much child support money is due and what your state of residence is. Once these details are established, we can begin the collection process. Give us a call today and let our team at Support Collectors get you the financial support you deserve, or visit our homepage for more information.