Ask the experts… Does someone who pays child support have to pay for college?

Ask the experts… Does someone who pays child support have to pay for college?

Question… I have been told different things and have been reading many different things about child support after 18, My daughter will be going to a 4 year college. Will she still receive child support from her father? We live in Iowa. Any information will be a help.



Our answer:

Hi Becky, Thanks for the question!

The determination on if your daughter will continue to receive support through college can be found in your court order. In order for support to continue through this time period, the courts would have needed to make that part of your order. Please review the order and if the support is to stop at the age of majority, contact the court and request a modification for support to continue through your daughter’s college years. Some states do not allow for this type of support so the county will be able to give you information on this. Most court orders for child support only order support to be paid through the child’s 18th birthday, or when they graduate high school, whichever is last. However, we’ve seen orders that require parents to split college costs or sometimes for one parent to bear the full or majority of these college expenses. Moral of the story, check your court order!

Did you know that many of Support Collector’s clients waited until their children were in their late teen’s before signing up for our services? After realizing the costs of a college education, they decided to do something to help their kids… they signed up and we were able to collect their child support… helping to defray the costs of college.