How do go about collecting spousal maintenance…

How do go about collecting spousal maintenance…


I don’t have child support to collect. I have spousal maintenance (alimony) can you help me?




Good morning Sandy,

Thank you for the email and question on alimony enforcement. We do assist with alimony cases in addition to our work in child support enforcement. Not many private agencies attempt alimony enforcement so you have contacted a good resource for assistance.

In order to determine if we can help or not, I will need to know the details of the case and information on the ex to determine what can be done. Please
feel free to give me a call or provide the details by email. As in any case we accept, there needs to be some sort of income or asset to collect form.

That said, in most cases we can help with alimony (spousal support) collection cases. In fact, some of our great success stories were for clients only owed alimony. We have 20+ years experience collecting from evasive ex-spouses!

Give us a call and tell us more… Looking forward to hearing from you!