A question on collecting from a deadbeat mom…

A question on collecting from a deadbeat mom…

Afternoon –

I’ve been reading on your site – and your services sound wonderful. However, I had a couple additional questions, that I did not see in the FAQ’s.

We are currently owed more than $9400 in back child support – and we (and the local Child Support Enforcement Office) are unable to locate the non-custodial parent. We haven’t heard from her in over 9 months. Even if she is located, we’re not sure that anyone would be able to collect, as she hasn’t worked steadily in more than 10 years. Does your office also pursue judicial consequences, such as contempt of court and jail time? We have resigned ourselves to the fact, that she will never be of financial assistance – but we do want her held accountable. Also, once the case is turned over to you – does that negate the current case or current payments? How does that work with the local child support enforcement office?

Thank you so much for your time.

Cory in California


Thank you for the question. I’ll do my best to answer and if you have any additional questions or would like to discuss the case, please let me know or give me a call.

Private agencies have 2 primary functions for a custodial parent; we look for the absent parent and try to find income and assets to collect from. Our success will depend on what we can find to work with as the case progresses. Given the info you have provided on the NCP, the fact that she hasn’t held a job successfully in 10 years and that she is evasive, I believe the only way we would be able to collect would be to establish a payment plan with her if we can maintain communication with her,

Prosecution of the case is not something a private agency would do, that is the responsibility of the state. In order for the state to prosecute, there would need to be an address that she can be served at. Without that, prosecution would not happen. I suggest checking with the state to see of she has a valid driver’s license; if she does, seek suspension of the license.

If you choose to have us try to work the case and see what we can find, your order and case at the state will remain in place. We do nothing to alter the order, or request that you close the case at the state; we just try to get support coming in. If we find the info needed to collect, we would at that point let the county know of our involvement so payments can be processed.

Please let me know if you have any questions, we’re here to try and help!