Can we collect child support from someone hiding

Can we collect child support from someone hiding



My name is Mindy. My dad stopped paying child support when I was still young and my mom has been trying to help me figure out how I can get the money my sister and I are owed. Unfortunately we are both over 18 now. New Mexico has been trying to help us but we have been stopped by my dad hiding and refusing to let us know where he is, his employer refusing to give his information to us and refusing to enforce the order to pay “because we were in a different state.”

My mother and I have been discussing what we can do, and my research has led me here. I believe I have sufficient information to help get him found and get the money owed to us.

There is more to the story but it does not seem like I should share that bit unless I am positive we can be helped.

Please let me know, if you can, what I must do.

Thank you,



Hi Mindy,

Thanks for the email and request for information. First, I need to tell you that your Mom is the one funds are owed to, not you and your sister. The court order directs funds to be paid to her. You can be a part of the process but if finds are collected, they would be in Mom’s name. I’m happy to provide info to you and see if we can help but there is allot of info missing ; can you please provide a number to reach you at?

I need to know about the following:

-state the order is from
– what state does Dad live in
– from your email, I believe Mom is in New Mexico; is that correct?
-did Mom get any financial help from the state, if yes, what type of help
-any idea what he does for income
-do you have his date of birth and social security number

In order to give you an idea of what can be done, I need the answers to the questions above to evaluate the case. We do our best to help everyone but unfortunately there are cases that are more difficult than others and may not be collectible.

Please respond to the email, provide a number to reach you at or give me a call!

Team Support Collectors