Children’s Rights during a Divorce and Custody Ordeal…

Children’s Rights during a Divorce and Custody Ordeal…

We spend so much time focusing on the parent’s “rights” in a divorce but not enough (or none) time focusing on the the child’s rights in a divorce… with the help of our client’s, here’s our take on the rights of kids in a divorce:

Love: children of all ages have a right to know that they are loved by both parents no matter who has custody. The love of a child should not change because of the divorce.

Safety: Children should be reassured that they will always be cared for no matter who is watching them. Children shouldn’t need to worry about food, shelter and clothing or other basic needs

Fault: The divorce is not the fault of the child; try to reassure them of this

Visitation: every effort should be made to make visitation work. Don’t let the moods of the parents get in the way; the child has the right to see the other parent.

Questions: try to answer your child’s questions as openly as possible

Mementos: pictures and mementos of the child’s time with the non-custodial parent should be kept if that is what the child wants. These are their memories and should be respected.

Arguments: try not to expose your child to arguments or discussions that involve visitation or the divorce.

Court Rulings: Both parents need to adhere to any legal rulings the curt has determined even if you do not agree

Child Support: Regardless of how one parent now feels about the other, child support is for the children and should be paid on-time, before any other bills or expenses. Support Collectors assists parents collect child support when parents have chosen to ignore the court order to pay.