Questions About Child Support Payments And Taxes?

Questions About Child Support Payments And Taxes?

Hard to believe that 2012 has come and gone and here at Support Collectors, we know this is true sign since we are getting lots of questions on tax intercepts. Jan and February always bring tons of questions on tax intercepts and state refunds to collect child support. Please keep one thing in mind, tax intercepts don’t happen on every case. If you feel the non-custodial parent may file and be eligible for a refund, contact your local child support office as ask about how to work with them to attach to the potential refund.

There are other steps you can also take to work toward getting support coming in and that starts with your local county. Reach out to the county and make sure that the following actions are occurring if you are more than 90 days from your last support payment:

-driver’s license suspension
-contempt warrant
-hunting, fishing license suspension

If these items are in place and you are still not getting support, then it’s time to look at other options, such as a private agency. With your help gathering the initial info, we would work to look for income and assets to try and attach to and in the case that the NCP is working for cash, we would try to establish a payment plan. Never say ever is out way of thinking, every case deserves a shot at seeing what can be done to collect. I had the privilege of calling a client the other day to let her know her spousal support had started. She was overcome with tears to hear that the support that had been so long in coming was finally coming in. She waited many years to get the help she deserved. She is aware that as quick as it started, it could stop but as she said, she was thrilled to know that someone cared and even if it was one payment, the ex-husband knows she will not stop.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to try and make a difference for you so decide today that your tomorrow may be brighter by getting the help you deserve to collect your child support or spousal support!