Child support question from the mailbag…

Child support question from the mailbag…

Hi, my name is Karen K. from Texas and I am trying to find out how to get help in getting child support. I currently have a case through the attorney general. But when I call to have it enforced I always get the same answer. Basically nothing is being done. He owes 18,000.00 in back child support and he and his wife say he is not working but I am sure he is somewhere under the table. And the attorney general when I ask them about the tax refund they say they that it all depends on the case. All I want is help supporting my kids. I do work and I don’t make a whole lot enough to get by on but now that I have a teenager she had more needs. Along with other things. I believe he doesn’t pay because he doesn’t feel like he should. He doesn’t see them because he doesn’t want to or want them. It’s really sad that someone will help make a child but not help support them. Is there anyway I can get help or even information on what to do?
Thank you for your time.


Karen K.


Hi Karen,

Please send a phone number to reach you at and I’ll give you a call to discuss the case. It would be voluntary payment arrangement if he is not working a job that can be garnished.. Ultimately the county needs to do contempt charges and prosecute. The tax intercept will not work in your case since he works potentially for case.

You didn’t provide the states involved and few details, it’s hard to say for sure what can be done. We try to make a difference in every case but the details will help determine what can be done.

Hope to chat with you soon,