Passport Denial Program – Another Way to Collect Child Support

Passport Denial Program – Another Way to Collect Child Support

Thinking of skipping out on your child support payments? You may want to think twice.

The United States Government has instituted the Passport Denial Program, which can complicate life for a man or woman planning on leaving the country for vacation or returning from a business trip in another country … if they owe at least $2,500 in back child support. Part of the Federal Offset Program, the Passport Denial Program is a positive step in getting deadbeat parents to pay their past-due child support.

This new program denies non-custodial parents U.S. passports upon application or the use of a passport service. Once a parent makes good on back child support, he or she can reapply for a passport. With the recent need for a passport to travel to Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada, more deadbeat parents will be affected by the law instituted in cooperation with the Department of State.

Support Collectors supports this law, as it is bound to make it easier for parents to collect their overdue child support. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Administration for Children & Families, approximately 80 passports are denied daily and more than $65 million has been collected since the program was implemented in June 1998.

With help from this program, Support Collectors continues to fight to make deadbeat parents pay what they owe. If you have any questions, contact our child support enforcement agency for more information. Absolutely no upfront payment is required for our services.