Child Support Enforcement Agencies Are Here For You

Child Support Enforcement Agencies Are Here For You

There is no greater feeling of hopelessness for a single parent than to watch your child go hungry or without the essentials, like clothes and school supplies. It is incredibly frustrating to know there is child support that is legally owed to you and your children, which could make all the difference in the world. Though the government’s child support enforcement agency may do its best to maintain its staggering level of delinquent child support cases, the country’s economic constraints have made collections increasingly difficult.

Our privately owned child support collections agency can bridge the gap of where government child support enforcement agencies have fallen short. Why wait an unnecessary and significant amount of time for what is rightfully yours, while your children bear the consequences? The advantages of using our collections agency are immeasurable; efficient and effective results, our efforts cater to the individual needs of each family, and we employ location specialists for those hard to find negligent parents.

Our child support collectors work tirelessly to recover your monetary interests, and in many cases you may not be required to appear in court. Private agencies realize how valuable the custodial parent’s time is, and also how complicated the collections process can be. The last thing a parent needs is to be saddled with having to take time off work, a loss of wages, and other difficulties stemming from the endless document filings and court appearances.

When electing to utilize the services of our independent collections agency, rather than relying on your state child support enforcement agency, do your research. We can assure you that our company is reputable, licensed and has a proven track record. Some states require the collections agency be licensed in their state, prior to contacting the non-custodial parent. We have that covered. Check out our agency’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. Another thing to remember is you will not be penalized for using the services of our independent agency. The government has the right to close your case for a variety of reasons, but it cannot close your case because you have decided to use an outside source.

Let our collections agency be your advocate. We have developed the ability to assist from coast to coast. Our agency has established relationships with state and local child support agencies, built on mutual respect and shared interests. The fostering of these relationships is beneficial to the plight of parents, whose children are unfairly forced to accept that they have to do without the essentials. There is no need for a child to suffer because of a parent’s refusal to pay court-mandated child support. If the government agency isn’t able to collect the amount owed, then a private support collection agency, such as ours, could be the perfect solution. Many support payment collection agencies can be located with a simple online search. Don’t go a day longer without the support you deserve. Call our agency today to get the collection process started.