Celebrating Single Dads

Celebrating Single Dads

Let’s be honest with each other. Most people will imagine a mother with her children when asked to think of a single parent. While it’s true that the majority of single parent homes are headed by women, the number of families run by single dads is on the rise according to the latest Pew Research study.
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Single fathers have always made up a small yet important share of our child support collection services. Every week our team takes calls from dads. During these conversations we learn about their stories and how they’re raising their children without critical financial support from the other parent. We find these personal stories as the greatest motivation to help those in need. It’s also why, in honour of this past Father’s Day, Support Collectors is focusing on single dads.

There are more of them than ever before. In 2011, Pew Research approximates 8% of households with young children are run by a single father. This amounts to 2.6 million single fathers raising their children on their own. That’s 9 times the number of single dads there were in 1960 according to national census information.

Pew attributes this to a rising divorce rate, as the number of single mothers has also increased over the same time period — though not to the same extent as single fathers. Other organizations, including the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, accredit changing custody laws to the disproportionate rise of single dads.

A long tradition of ascribing custody according to the best interest of the child had a deep maternal bias, resulting in most children going with their mothers. These changes stressed the importance of joint custody. To men who long thought they weren’t capable of custody, having the courts say otherwise is a boost in confidence in their abilities as caretakers. As a result, fathers are asking for more — and receiving it, too!
Unfortunately, single parenthood isn’t always easy, regardless of gender. Providing the financial and emotional support for your children is a difficult, yet rewarding, task, but it’s incredibly stressful when you have to do it with absolutely no help from your non-custodial parent.

In honor of this past Father’s Day, we want to remind you of the relief we can provide to single fathers struggling to get child support out of their ex. Our team of legal, investigation, and negotiation experts has helped single parents get the support they deserve since 1996. That’s over 2 decades of success. Just take a look at what our past child support clients have had to say about our services to see why we’re still going 21 years later.

Here at Support Collectors, we know single fathers deserve the same care as single mothers. We stand by our promise to make a difference one family at a time, one payment at a time — regardless of the parent’s gender. That’s why we offer equal support to anyone who picks up the phone or sends off an email.

If you’re ready to collect the support you need, contact Support Collectors today. We’re ready to start you on the path to reclaiming the support you deserve.