Question on attaching to a large estate (inheritance) for child support

Question on attaching to a large estate (inheritance) for child support


I am hoping that someone can help answer my questions regarding back child support.

My ex husband owes a great deal of back child support to me. At this time, the amount listed on the Georgia Child Support webpage is showing he still owes $31,101.24. While wage garnishments have been taking place since November of last year, as you can see, there is still a very large amount of money outstanding. This amount would certainly go a long way at paying for my daugher’s college tuition right now.

My question would be can back child support be taken from a non custodial parent in the event that the non custodial parent suddenly comes into a large sum of money? There may be an inheritance since his father is not doing well and when he passes the will states that his house is to be sold and the money divided among his children (my ex husband included). When or if the house should sell and my ex husband is given his portion of the sale, can you or the Government Child Support Enforcement take this and apply it to what he owes in child support for my son? I would contact the Georgia Child Support office to ask this question but I am unable to find a contact telephone number for any of their offices. : (

Thank you for any advice you can give to me.



hi Pam,

Thank you for the email and question. Yes it is definitely possible to place a lien against the estate once the NCP’s father passes. In order to do that, you will need to know some information:

-attorney representing the estate
-executor of the will
-possible insurance companies with life insurance policies

Since there is a will and it appears to be laid out well with instructions, yes it’s very possible that we would be able to assist you attach to the estate to collect your unpaid child support. Keep in mind the estate may not go into probate but it is something to keep in mind and check on when the time comes. I would strongly suggest contacting our office when you hear about the father passing on so that we can get the necessary things in place to properly attach to what you are due.

I hope this gives you some assistance in what to do. If you have any other questions, please either call us or email us!

Support Collectors Team