Another one from the mailbag…

Another one from the mailbag…



I’m not sure you can help me, but I am curious about CA law in this matter. My parents divorced in 1971 and my biological father was ordered to pay child support. He made two payments and then moved to another state. We have had no contact with him since. Can I still legally pursue any back-child support owed by him? (Assuming, of course, he is still alive and can be found.) Thanks for your help – any info you can offer me is greatly appreciated.



Thanks for your question Jennifer on if there is a statute of limitations in CA for collecting child support. Great news! Most states, including California, do not have a statute of limitations on collecting unpaid child support. Therefore, you are free to pursue the enforcement of this unpaid child support and have the law on your side. While legally, you have the right to recover the support you are due, understand that waiting this long does still have it’s obstacles. For example, the absent parent may not be working, may be deceased or have hidden any assets that he may have. Our licensed investigators have lots of experience digging into people that have evaded child support for years. Our suggestion would be to get the application process started right now. Don’t delay any further.