another child support question… answered…

another child support question… answered…


Good morning! I was just wondering if I could get some information on your group and how you can help collect my child support? I am in WI- my ex is in AZ, right now, he is over 26k in arrears and over 11k in interest. He has not even been paying 1/2 his child support the past few months, and not paying his $10.00/week in arrears – obviously – I am sooo tired of it, and my daughter will be 18 in a year, my son will be 15 in August.

just wondering how the process works. the county I go through, has recently sent him a letter, and are recommending his drivers license be suspended.
he has not seen or talked to the kids in 8+ years.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,



Hi Trish,

Thank you for the email! Private child support agencies look for income and assets to collect from. Our goal would be to locate the absent parent, try to find employment to work with and garnish or work directly with him to establish a payment plan. It’s great that there appears to be an interstate case open since the county would have the responsibility to prosecute. We know from experience that many non-custodial parents still drive with a suspended license, it’s still a good tool but may not get you support coming in.

If you would like to give private enforcement a try, we’d be happy to see what we can do. We will need the application completed, copied of all court orders and a payment history so we can tie to what you are saying is owed in unpaid support. The key would be to provide as much info as possible to give the investigators the best start on the file.

I’d be happy to discuss the case with you, give me a call or provide a number to reach you at!