$45,000 child support lump sum collected for a California mother

$45,000 child support lump sum collected for a California mother

February 18, 2014

Congrats to Ranee a client who just received $45,000 in back child support! Here in her own words is her story… glad we could help you collect your support!


Last spring I was talking to my brother and he was complaining how the state of California had attached his wages and was taking more than $600 a week out for back child support. His youngest son is older than my oldest daughter. I had not realized until then that I could possibly collect on my back support. I had my youngest daughter go on line and see what she could find to help us. She found “Support Collectors”. I requested help and spoke to Toni Olson at Support Collectors, she sent me the package and I filled out all the necessary paperwork. I figured 70% of something, is better than 0% of nothing.

About one month ago, they informed me that they had contacted my “ex” and he was proposing to pay the approximately $24,000 principal only owed. That was not acceptable to me, I had raised my daughter and continue to help her and my grandchildren to have a better life and knew he was quite wealthy. I was not going to accept anything less than the principal, Support Collector’s fee, plus some interest for insurance and other bills he owed me through the divorce, which took place in the late 80’s. I may have been a little aggressive in my conversations with the folks at Support Collectors, but I felt I am the client and I know what my “ex” is worth and I deserved more than his offer and I was not willing to compromise on this. If he could not afford to pay $240 a month when he was ordered to, I did not trust him to ever make monthly payments.

As it has turned out, the pressure was being put on by Support Collectors and they were pressuring him to pay all of what he owed. I finally agreed to a settlement of $45,000 lump sum payout. Support Collectors has already received the check and this should all be over with around Valentines Day of this year!! I am grateful to everyone at Support Collectors, especially Toni Olson for helping me out and coming through with this. It is nice to finally have what is due me.

Thanks again for your help!