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Use our child support calculator to estimate the total amount of your unpaid support – plus interest! 

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Calculator Instructions

First, enter your best estimate of the total amount of child support you’re owed.  Next, enter the amount of current, on-going support you were supposed to receive and select how often you were supposed to receive it.  Finally, select your state and hit “calculate!”

Most states allow interest to be added to the child support payments that are missed.  You’ll probably be surprised by the impact the interest has on the amount you’re owed!  Keep in mind, though, that this calculator can't take into consideration any of the other important factors that influence how much you're owed.  Once you get started with Support Collectors, we'll work with you to determine the correct amount.


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I thought I would never see a dime of what was owed in back child support... After talking with a Support Collector representative, I felt more at ease and very comfortable with them handling my case...I never missed a day of work appearing in court...I have been very happy with the proceedings and the outcome of, what I thought, would never come to be. I have and continue to refer people to Support Collectors.
- Melissa M., Illinois
Collected $16,000

After many years of searching through various agencies for my ex-husband, a dear friend told me about the Support Collectors web site. I logged on and requested an application, thinking to myself it won't make a difference. We hadn't found him in 19 years, they won't be able to find him either. To my surprise they did and very quickly. Support Collectors handled everything very professionally and I received my settlement of $60,000 within a few months!

I would highly recommend Support Collectors to anyone who is owed child support. Thank you Support Collectors for doing what I thought was completely hopeless.
- Terry M., Illinois
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